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MaryDes cover styles


A designer is like an artist, he or she has a certain style. So if you use a book cover designer, your book covers will also reflect his or her style. However, not all books are the same and each has their style and target audience. Sometimes a book cover must be dramatic, inspiring or playful, depending on the content. Finding a designer who perfectly mastered all these styles is impossible and then you can either accept that a fictional book looks fairly non-fiction, or vice versa, or you can work with MaryDes, who has brought together the best designers in every genre and thus can deliver all styles in perfection. As a publisher you do not have to worry about it anymore, because you always get the best book cover that fits a book. See below some examples of examples created by MaryDes.

Drawings and cartoons

A style widely used for books for young people or humorous books.


MaryDes boekomslagen. Stijlvoorbeelden. http://www.marydes.eu


This contains a wide range of topics. You have business books, lifestyle, religion, social, historical, and more. Usually these books are more austere in design but therefore no less original and stand out.


About the lives of people, their insights and their life wisdom. Marydes created book covers for Hollywood and Broadway stars such as Ernst L Thomas (known for his role in Malcolm X on the side of Denzel Washington and various TV series as What’s happening) and Marjean Holden (The Lost World – Jurassic Park, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, on the side of Bruce Willis in Hostage, …)

Biography book cover created by MaryDes. http://www.marydes.eu

For Business

A business book does not be boring. MaryDes has already created numerous book covers for well-known people from the business world, clear and eye-catching.

Voorbeelden van zakelijke boekomslagen door MaryDes.


Whether it is about a philosophical subject, about nutrition and health or mental strength and resilience, every book deserves a cover that appeals and stands out.

Lifestyle cover designs by MaryDes. https://www.bookcoverdesigns.eu

True stories

People share their experiences so that others can learn from it. MaryDes also makes well-thought-out book covers for them.

Waargebeurde verhalen met een MaryDes boekomslag. http://www.marydes.eu


You do not have to have a stereotyped book cover to present a book about religion. MaryDes proves that it can be done differently.

Religion. MaryDes book cover examples. http://www.marydes.eu



Travel boek covers created by MaryDes. http://www.marydes.eu

Twilight zone

For some it is fiction for other pure seriousness. Books about contacts with the dead, about angels, mysticism and often misunderstood.

Supernatural book cover design by MaryDes. http://www.marydes.eu



This includes thrillers, horror, fantasy and science fiction. Rich in details and eye-catching. Forces the viewer to further investigation.


Boekomslagen voor romans gecreƫerd door MaryDes. http://www.marydes.eu


Fantasy cover designs by MaryDes. http://www.marydes.eu


Sci-fi cover designs by MaryDes




Boekomslagen voor jeugdboeken door MaryDes http://www.marydes.eu


MaryDes book cover designs for light erotic stories. https://bookcoverdesigns.eu


So with MaryDes you can have multiple styles and still deal with one contact person. Always top quality to the great satisfaction of publisher and author.




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